Sunday, 7 October 2012


It's Thanksgiving weekend and I have A LOT to be thankful for!

I'm thankful that we got to come back to Alberta this weekend.
I'm thankful that we could have thanksgiving dinner with both of our families.. We are so lucky!
I'm thankful that we were able to finally get to meet little Lane and also thankful for how healthy he is.
I'm thankful that I have a job.. even when I don't love every minute of it.
I'm thankful for my religion and the happiness it brings me.
I'm thankful that we could watch conference this weekend.
I'm thankful for Rope and that we have been married for 1 year! Time has flown by but at the same time I can hardly remember my life without Rope. We have both learned a lot this year about each other and about ourselves. He is so good to me and I appreciate all the little things he does. I'm also thankful for how motivated he is in school and that he sets his goals high. I'm excited to start year 2 and see what it has in store for us :)

This is one of my favorite quotes from conference this weekend
I love how motivated and uplifted I feel after listening :)

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