Tuesday, 17 March 2015

reflection then redirection

Since I'm currently serving in the Primary in our ward this gives me the opportunity to do sharing time every couple months.
I'll admit this was one of the things i was most terrified to do when i received my calling.  I have never been fan of public speaking, big group or small group it doesn't matter. I hated the idea of getting up in front of the entire primary and winging it. I'm the type that when I give a talk {or make a phone call} I write down absolutely every word that I'm going to say and under no circumstance do I change the plan.
Through this calling I can almost say that I have conquered my fear of public speaking- at least in this situation. I have started looking forward to the months that I get to prepare a sharing time.
I know that I am learning WAY more then what I am ever teaching the kids, but that ok because I probably need to hear everything way more then they need to.
while preparing sharing time for next week I came across this quote:

I remember hearing this talk and thinking what a great message that was, but soon I forgot and I haven't thought of this particular talk since. I know that as I am able to try to keep in tune with the spirit I can receive these special messages that are just for me. 
It's hard for me to always feel grateful. When things aren't going exactly how I've planned or I feel frustrated or like I'm the only one who feel this way its too easy to focus on all the bad. 
I know there are always going to be things in my life that aren't going perfectly- but as I am able to take a step back I can recognize all the things that are right in my life.
Rope and I were married in the temple and can be together forever.
Even though we live far away from family we are so blessed to have some family living right in Saskatoon with us.
I have a job and can provide for our family. Looking back I can recognize so many ways we have been blessed because I have this particular job.
Rope will graduate with a Degree from University this year.
We were able to house sit a beautiful home for the last 7 months. We were so fortunate that we were in a place in our lives that we could take this opportunity.
I have a body that works and can be active and I am learning to not take this simple fact for granted
I have a wonderful calling that gives me these opportunities for reflection and then redirection.

As I look at the bigger picture of our lives, and not focus on little things, I can more easily see that we are so blessed.

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