Friday, 26 September 2014

Home sweet home... again

We moved again! This marks our fifth house in our almost 3 years of marriage... Yep were crazy like that!
There are a lot of great things {and some not so great things} about our new place!
We have tons of channels we didn't have before and a PVR! {this is probably good and bad :P}
We get to sleep in a king size mattress- it's like I have a bed to myself!
One of the levels has AC... I'm counting that as a plus even though we will only be living here for the winter.
There is a real fireplace, I'm actually looking forward to colder weather!
There is a garborator! I love those things!
The house is 100 years old so there is so much character- like gorgeous crown moulding!
There are a ton of stairs so even when I'm not working out I'm working out.. right??... haha
Rope's favorite parts are:
The "Man Cave" which is actually just the attic level that has been turned into the tv room, and it actually is pretty awesome!
And the fact that he can walk to school in 10 minutes! Which has also been great since the buses have been on strike since we moved here!

The not so great things..
The basement is super creepy! You don't even know how creepy- there is a weird little room and a coal shute. And the laundry is down there so I'm going to have to get brave one of these days!
The mattress is hard as a rock... I think I am actually bruised from it..
The dishwasher doesn't work :(

Buuuuuut mostly the house is great and we are loving it!  
And everyone is invited to come visit because it's big and we actually have a spare bedroom with a bed! But Hurry we are only here until April! :P

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