Thursday, 30 October 2014


October has become a very special month for us.
On the 8th Rope and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Rope planned the date and we dressed up and went to a fancy restaraunt for dinner. He knows I like to dress up nice with him sometimes so it was so thoughtful of him to pick a place he knew I would like to go to together. We have grown together so much this past year and I can't wait to see what the next year or 2 or 10 have in store for us.
This month we were also able to remember and celebrate the lives of Brynn and Grandma Dixie. Two wonderful women who are examples of strength and love to me everyday.
We had the wonderful opportunity to spend thanksgiving surrounded by family. I couldn't help but remember the events of last years thanksgiving  weekend and it gave me so much to be grateful for, especially for the knowledge that families are forever!
My aunt Christy put out a challenge to donate blood during the month of October in honor of Brynn, so on Monday I went and donated blood in Saskatoon. Brynn received many blood transfusions throughout her battle with cancer so it was nice to do something to give back. I'm sure she would love that through remembering her we were able to help someone else, she was always so happy to help in whatever way she could.
I wore Brynn's favorite color and thought of her the whole time, it brought me so much strength to  know what I was doing would make her proud. I'm so grateful for a healthy body that allows me to donate blood to give to those who need it.
It's been a wonderful month :)

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