Tuesday, 19 August 2014

From Bushes to Berries

A few weeks ago we were outside working in our yard doing some mowing and watering. As we admired our own yard we noticed our neighbours weeds from their yard were starting to creep through the fence. I'd planted some sunflowers along this fence line and the weeds were starting to over take them and I was worried they were going to die. I picked the weeds but not before making some comments to Rope about our neglectful neighbours.
Now fast forward to this past Friday. We were back in our yard again and I was admiring my growing sunflowers when from between the fence posts I noticed raspberries poking through. We were thrilled  since we both love them! We went right over to our neighbours house to ask if we could pick some. When we walked up to the house the door was open and there was a man laying on the couch with a beer in his hand. I'll admit I was a little apprehensive as we approached the door but I pushed passed this and asked if we could pick a bowl. He seemed nice enough and agreed to us picking some berries.
We went around back and started picking. We'd been out there about 5 minutes when the man from inside came out. He apologized for not introducing himself better. He told us he was a mechanic and had a long week of work. He also told us he was living with his mother and 2 brothers. He was born and grew up in Pakistan and his family moved to Toronto when he was young. Later he moved to Europe met and married his wife who later passed away from a brain tumour. Before going inside he offered his mechanic services to us if we ever needed them. I felt embarrassed for the judgements I had passed before I even knew his name let alone his story!

Not only did we get a bowl of delicious raspberries that day but we met a wonderful man and neighbour. I also learned an important lesson, Something that can seem bad at first can actually turn into something beautiful. Those weeds creeping into our yard turned out to be a raspberry bush and an experience I will never forget. Things are not always as they appear!

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