Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Rope and I have been married for over a year now and I can probably count on one hand the number of times we have had family home evening together.
Monday night usually goes something like this... I get home home from work around 6, then i sit and relax until about 6:30 when we decide on something to eat. Then we cook, eat and clean up and by that time its usually 8. Then I shower watch a T.V. show or two while Rope does homework and then its time for bed. - pretty boring right!
A few months ago we bought this book..

It's perfect!
It breaks down activity's into the the amount of time and prep that they take.
Last night Rope picked our first activity. It gave us a list of categories and we had to pick something from those categories that reminded us of each other and say why.
A couple of my favorites from Rope were:
Animal: Little bird because your a little chirper with funny jokes
Place: The Ocean because your calm and cool and incredibly breathtaking
It was so fun! I can't wait for next Monday to pick another activity- I think we'll be better at FHE now.

While I'm confessing I'd also just like to throw out there that I have been religiously watching the Bachelor Canada...
Even though it doesn't compare to the original Bachelor I'm still excited/nervous for the finale this week.. and I may or may not be watching Women tell all right now..

Also another confession...At work on Monday one of the patients asked if my boss was my aunt or something because we looked alike in a good way... I didn't know what to say other then to practically yell NO in her face. Unfortunately none of you know Eunice but lets just say that patient could have thought of a better compliment.

One Final Confession... This weekend with my family was the BEST :)


  1. hahaha! love the little bird comment! and I need to come meet eunice so I can make my own judgement!
    ps. I haven't heard about a song practice tonight...maybe we can watch the finale together!?

  2. I want that fhe book! haha did you get it at the bookstore? By the way Broccoli we are still twins because I love Bachelor Canada too except of course your right it doesn`t compare to the original one. And, we never do fhe either.

    1. Hey!! Yes the book is from the bookstore and it's awesome! And of course we are still twins.. That really cracks me up actually haha.. Anyways it's good to hear from you I hope life is going great :)