Thursday, 10 April 2014


As I have looked over my notes this week from the past weekend General Conference I can't help but notice a theme in the notes I had taken...
So often in my life I get very stressed and worked up about how things are going and how they may not be following my personal timeline. I am a HUGE planner, I come home with pockets full of sticky notes after work listing all the things I need to be doing! However I am learning its ok to not be in control all the time. It's most important for me to be doing the things that will strengthen myself and my testimony and my marriage.
In this way I could use some simplifying
I am going to work ok having more faith in the future, even if it's not going according to plans! 
I paid special attention to Sister Jean Stevens this conference as she is the General Primary President and i am currently serving as our ward's Primary President.
One of my favorite quotes from conference came from her talk when she said 
" We can trust that He will help us, not necessarily in the way we want but in the way that will best help us to grow. Submitting our will to His may be difficult, but it is essential to becoming like Him and finding the peace He offers us."
This past year has been a major growing year for me, I have been stretched beyond what I thought I was capable of handling. It has been through this stretching that I have learned so much about myself and about becoming like the Savior. 
I hope that as I work to simplify my life and focus on the things that matter most I will continue to be strengthened and receive peace. 
A few other Conference Favorites Included: Linda S. Reeves, Russell M. Nelson, Robert D. Hales, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, President Monson and actually everyone else! There were sooo many good ones {as usual} that applied to exactly how I have been feeling, I love how personal it makes each talk feel :)
I can't wait to read and re-read them ALL!


  1. I'm the same way!! Sticky notes everywhere & big time planner. I loved reading your perspective on that, thanks!

  2. Is it creepy to have an old EFY counsellor of yours follow your blog? We're kinda related now since you married Rope! I'm excited to have another awesome blog to read.