Sunday, 3 March 2013

a great week

Lately I have been trying to fill my time with better activities.
Since I'm working full time there is nothing I hate more then sitting on Sunday night thinking back on the past week and realizing I really did nothing..
I aboslutely love our IPad that we got for Christmas but unfortunatly I feel that is where I lose most of my time..
All this has started to change!
Instead of playing a pointless game I listened to conference talks on my new favorite Mormon channel app
Instead of aimlessly browsing kijiji for a new place to live I got a few new things to beautify the place we are living in now.
Instead of scrolling through Pinterest wishing I had a different wardrobe I made another batch of freezer meals
And instead of creeping people on Facebook I went out with my husband
What a great week I've had! 

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