Saturday, 15 September 2012


We have officially been in Saskatoon for 3 weeks! I feel like the time has flown by but a lot has changed! We officially have Saskatchewan drivers licenses, there are no boxes left in our house and I feel like I can get to most places {superstore,walmart, the mall and work} without needing a GPS.
We have really enjoyed living here so far and are excited to get more settled in the city and in our ward.

I am learning more everyday that change can be a good thing! 

We have LOVED having Brock and Amy and Family as well as 
Storm and Sloane and of course Oshi too! It's so nice to have family around!

And since i just figured out how to see the pictures from my iphone on ropes confusing mac.. here are a few of what we've been up to since we arrived :)

enjoying the nice weather while going on a bike ride to explore campus. The ride
turned out to be a little longer then i anticipated so there wasn't much exploring..
The U of S home opener. There were fireworks and a jet that flew over us.
They are pretty intense about there football here

A little face juggler.. good thing we have our own faces..

Trey having some uncle Rote time :)

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  1. love the post, and love you guys {SO much!} thanks for not being sick of us yet :)