Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Our New Home

Well we are all moved in and settled in Regina! I never would have thought I would live here but here we are! Rope started school last week so that has been an adjustment for Decker and I not having him around all day everyday! I've been keeping myself busy unpacking and doing projects but give me another week and we'll see how I'm doing then. Decker has been loving his bed and his own room and has been sleeping great the last couple days, I'm hoping this isn't just a faze and that these habits are here to stay. He's never been much of a day time napper so these 1.5-2 hour naps have been heavenly!

Here's a little peek into our house and what I've been up to lately :)
love how this dresser turned out for Deckers room

Thanks Amy for another poster sharpie print!! All we need now is a headboard
but that might be a project for next summer...

another project- our anniversary

I bought that dresser 4 years ago and finally picked a colour to paint it.

Rope and I made these shelves while we were in Alberta this summer.
So easy and I'm in love with them- I need more walls so I can put more up!

Trying to keep a house plant alive.. wish me luck!!
and a picture of Decker because I know that's
really what everyone wants to see ;)

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