Tuesday, 7 January 2014

out with the old and in with the new

2013 was full of ups's and downs for us.
We have enjoyed our time in Saskatoon, Moved to a bigger and brighter house, had an awesome summer with each other and our families and have enjoyed our ward and new callings.
This year however we lost two special members of our family- My cousin Brynn and Rope's Grandmas Dixie both after battling cancer. We are so grateful for the wonderful example they gave us of loving and living life to the fullest everyday.
With this in mind we start the new year with a renewed motivation to always be improving ourselves. This year I have learned so much and have grown spiritually. I am more aware of how much I need and rely on my Heavenly Father everyday and this has helped me to develop a better realationship with him. I am grateful for the experiences I have had in my life and how they help me to recognize and appreciate all the ways I am blessed.

We had a wonderful Christmas in Alberta! We went to the movies, out to eat, watched Basketball games at the sugar bowl, played monopoly, catch phrase and heads up and ate a lot of treats.
We had some good laughs and some good cries- we are so blessed with such amazing families.

We are excited to see what 2014 has in store for us.

Annual Christmas Eve pyramid

One of my Favorite gifts this year- a homemade
dough artnativity from
Ropes Mom
My other favorite present from my Mom.
Rope LOVES the red and I can't wait to use it :)

Trying out Rope's present from his parents

I guess we're hunters now :P

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  1. Bahaha I hear ya on the "I guess we are hunters now". Who knew! Looks like a fun year. :)