Friday, 24 May 2013


Rope has a pair of 100% polyester royal blue shorts
{kaylee, lyndsay or Dana if you are reading this you know the ones}
When we were dating I would dread when he would wear them..
His mom and sisters would threaten, bribe and beg him not to wear them around me, but for some reason he loved them.
When we first got married I managed to hide them from him for the first six months, I even contemplated getting rid of them for good, but some how rope managed to find them.
It wasn't until recently that rope rediscovered the shorts and has started to wear them again
Now to the point of this story..
I was doing laundry today and came across this particular pair of shorts, I was surprised because I couldn't think of a time that I had seen rope wearing them. Earlier in our relationship I was brutally aware of any time I saw him in these shorts, or anything else that he might wear that I didn't approve of. I'm Happy to report that although the shorts are as hideous as ever I have stopped caring!
Now this might sound like a bad thing that I have stopped caring but it's actually a very good thing.
I'm embarrassed to think about some of the things that I have started fights over in the past but I'm happy to see that I am making progress and learning to be a better and more relaxed wife! {and just in time for our three year anniversary of being together :)}
I'm grateful for little moments like this where I can realize that maybe I'm not such a lost cause after all!

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